Cryptocurrency games – future is around there

Cryptocurrency games – new story of success

It’s practically impossible to meet a person who hasn’t ever dreamed about playing interesting games and get some USD for own entertaining time spending. Cryptocurrency games are the most vivid representative of such dreams coming true. It could sound mythically, but to earn cryptocurrency playing games is today’s reality.

Main reasons of the cryptocurrency games’ popularity

The main motto of the games for cryptocurrency can be noted as: “Enjoy playing, become richer.”

Nowadays there are many cryptocurrency games and different platforms, which give a chance to earn crypto money, usually by using a mining activity. Mining is the process of creating new structures for different crypto platforms. Every new structural unit brings an award in the form of new crypto currency or commission fee.

Mining and cryptocurrency games, connected with it, are usually “supported” and organized by blockchain technology. If to describe the process without giving specifics, every man can play different games, or accomplish intellectual tasks and logical problems that will fill the virtual pocket with virtual coins.

Cryptocurrency playing games are also very popular under the IQeon platform. IQeon is a decentralized gaming platform, based on PvP (a player versus a player) structure. This infrastructure allows consolidating different games, applications and services, centered on intellectual tournaments between users, including motivation services.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to choose one variant from many, especially if it’s all about something new. That’s why the below list should help the entry-level users to make a check in the right column.

  • Huntercoin. It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrency playing games. It’s a based on blockchain MMORPG game. There are some players who participate in this type of the game. All of them are in the same world. It has 2 main aims: 1 – to gather coins and to bring them to the bank; 2 – to kill all opponents. If the player is killed, all the collected coins become available for other participants. Tokens HUC, used here are not very popular but can be easily exchanged in broker’s board.
  • Steem Monsters. It’s a collectable card game. All the information about cards’ holders is stored in Steem blockchain. It’s again about the “fighting” between the players, where the winner gets the award.
  • Storm Play. It’s a well-known representative of bitcoin games. The game sets the following missions: to play, to respond to a poll, to watch video, to download applications. After each task is fulfilled, the player earns in-game currency Bolts, which can be exchanged on BTC, ETH or Storm.

These are just the most popular cryptocurrency games. Anyone who encounters troubles will find many games to play in accordance with even the most specific requirements.

Casinos with cryptocurrency games

Crypto currency is not only about mining. Various casinos are acceptable for those, who wish to make bets in BTC, ETH or others. The whole process is the same as traditional online casinos offers to their visitors. Besides, many software providers try to combine the payment terms in the final product and to make possible the transactions both in crypto currency and credit cards, as an example. The highly rated casinos are: 7Bit Casino, BetChain Casino, Superior Casino, mBit Casino, Casino Adrenaline and many, many others.

Modern people should keep up with the times and be involved to the technologies of the future. Thus, cryptocurrency games allow everybody being a part of this digital world.

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